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I Was Excited to try Tanglin’s Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur from Singapore’s Award Winning Distillery — It’s a First From Our Red Dot.

We’re glad local distiller Tanglin Gin set out to create an artisanal Orange Liqueur, lord knows we could do with a local version. Their orange liqueur is made from the same neutral grain spirit used in Tanglin’s other signature gins and then distilled with mandarin oranges, calamansi and kaffir lime leaves. So logically, I attempted the Tanglin Sling according to the brand’s recipe. (Makes sense, right? You’ve got an orange liqueur with familiar local flavours, so you gotta make the most local cocktail ever.)


Tanglin Sling

30ml Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

40ml Tanglin Gin

10ml Cherry liqueur

10ml each: Raspberry syrup + Passionfruit syrup

30 ml lime juice

Mix all the ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Stir well and top with soda. Garnish: Mandarin orange and kaffir lime leaf. (Disclosure: we skipped the soda bit and left it strong.)

Tanglin Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

Turns out, it’s a genius recipe. This orange liqueur is perfect for the Singapore Sling, as it has forward citrus notes of orange and lime. There are also notes of kaffir, honey and marmalade. 

It is oh so refreshing and the drink can still be stretched with soda or tea, but we like it unadulterated. 

Tanglin Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

I’m proud of the Tanglin team for concocting this liqueur instead of yet another gin variation. An orange liqueur is versatile and can be used in a range of cocktails, such as the Margarita, Cosmopolitan or Sidecar. 

Another Tanglin recipe: a unique twist to the French 75: Combine 10 ml each of Tanglin Singapore Gin, the Triple Tangerine, and lemon juice with 5 ml of sugar syrup and top with champagne (or sparkling wine) for an easy, refreshing cocktail at home.

Instead, we opted for a Corpse Reviver II:

Tanglin Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

Corpse Reviver II

Tanglin Gin

Tanglin Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

Lillet Blanc

Lemon juice

Topped with a few drops of absinthe. 

It works a treat! The vegetal and fruity notes in the orange liqueur brings a distinct dimension, while the gin provides a local kick with its chilli, ginger and nutmeg flavours. It’s an Asian Corpse. 

“In our quest to make the Singapore Sling truly Singaporean, Tanglin Gin embarked on a journey to create an artisanal orange liqueur. Paying homage to Singapore, we distil our Tanglin Triple Tangerine with mandarin orange, calamansi, and kaffir lime leaves. This liqueur, when enjoyed on its own with ice, makes for a sweet, citrus-forward digestif with kaffir lime on the nose and notes of mandarin oranges on the palate,” said Mark Wee from Tanglin Gin.

Tanglin Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur

The Tanglin Triple Tangerine Mandarin Orange Liqueur retails at S$80 a bottle. Get it at the Tanglin Gin Jungle26B Dempsey Road

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