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05 Aug 2021 By

Get That Work Monkey Off Your Back with Monkey Shoulder’s New Pre-mixed Zoomtails.

Blended malt whisky makers Monkey Shoulder has entered the ready-to-drink cocktails fray with their own limited edition canned “Zoomtails”. Inspired by those dreaded this-could-be-an-email Zoom calls, the WFH-themed drinks were made in collaboration with hot, new cocktail bar Sago House



Each fun and snazzy Zoomtails Box ($55) contains four different cocktails – perfect for the mid-week slump. “Is Everyone Here?” (below) is an easy favourite. Made with sarsaparilla (total Sarsi vibes here) and angostura bitters, the delightfully fizzy concoction is welcome pick-me-up on a hot day. 



Another one we liked was “The Best Practice” (Monkey Shoulder, soursop, raspberry, green tea, citrus, triple sec, sugar). Light, fruity and refreshing, it’s just the thing to ease you into a state of post-work relaxation. It’s all part of the playful Don’t Let The Grind Get You Down campaign that wants to cheer hardworking Singapore up again. Visit the special microsite for an upbeat Mixcloud playlist, cocktail recipes, and even a multi-player card game “Cards for Hilarity”, designed with custom board game makers The Dice Guys.



If you’d like to win a set of Zoomtails before everyone else (think how jealous your colleagues at your next Zoom meeting will be), hit up @MonkeyShoulderSEA on Instagram to find out how. 


Monkey Shoulder’s Zoomtails will be available for order from 16 August to 4 October on the microsite. Psst, check in again around September for a to-be-announced surprise something.



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