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07 Aug 2023 By

Fun Cocktail + Fuss-Free Pizzas: This Should Be Your New Haji Area Hang.

Bali Lane probably has more bars and restos — density-wise — than its parallel Haji Lane neighbour, and that’s saying a lot. Now, along comes a new joint that we rather like for its unassuming and unruly vibes.

Puffy Bois Pizza — helmed by Lauren, Sammy and Zul — is a laidback upstairs joint that’s like a dive bar with elevated cocktails. There are fuss-free signatures that welcome you and, if need be, handy classics without weird stories or setbacks. The hospitality is gregarious and good fun, there’s a constant stream of banter while you’re trying to multi-task and order a drink. Good vibes indeed. Oh, and the pizzas rock as hard as the music. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Upper Echelon Puffy Bois Pizza

Definitely refreshing, this fruit-forward concoction seems to be a crowd-pleaser here. Chairman’s Reserve Rum is also a fine sipping rum on its own.


Duck & Weave Puffy Bois Pizza

An Old Fash, as the name implies, but with many twists and turns. Instead of muddled sugars, they opted for their homemade olea saccharum, while a touch of yellow chartreuse adds depth and a tad more sweetness.


Bamboo Puffy Bois Pizza

I guess we’ll get to the pizzas in a bit. In the meanwhile, no point leaving this classic high and dry. The use of the rarer Palo Cortado Sherry gives this an elegant and dry note.


Bijou Puffy Bois Pizza

We couldn’t resist when we discovered the bar had chartreuse, albeit the yellow version, so its sweeter note is tamed with the addition of Blanco vermouth (and less Rosso). Cleverly balanced, I’d file this under ‘can-drink-all-night’. 


Puffy Bois Pizza

The pizzas are like the cocktails, with your classics like Margherita and Pepperoni getting top billing, while a few twists to others — Parma-Roni, Black Clams (favourite) — offer mouthwatering delight and chewiness; the base is ultimately a secret homemade sauce. I love that the zas are out in just a few minutes, with your choice of either slice or whole pie. It is all Oh. So. Good. If they were open for lunch, I would be planted here most noons.


Puffy Bois Pizza

The night ended with a second order of Black Clams Pizza and yet another classic Alaska — we never got to the wines or craft beers 🤷🏽‍♀️. We’re gonna let you in on a secret: there is a killer stash hard-to-find mezcals and raicillas on the shelves, barely perceptible, which is also not onthe menu. You’ll have to ask, and I’m not sure how you’ll be charged. But it is worth asking if agave is your amore.

Go get ’em pizzas and cocktails at 20A Bali Lane.

Open Thurs – Mon, 6pm – midnite.

IG @puffyboispizza


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