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TA Community Has an Unpretentious Name and Unassuming Vibe, But It is No Slouch. The Cocktails Are Next Level, and The Food is Mighty Good — It Definitely Hits The Swede Spot.

You won’t see this new curiously named bar immediately when you step into its Serangoon Road premises. You’ll first encounter a shop selling dried flowers, stuffed toys, home decor, candles and other knick knacks. It is, thankfully, not a fake speakeasy, but just a retail concept before you get to the cafe/bar a little further behind.

The bar is helmed by industry stalwart Knut Randheim, who brings some of his Swedish influences to both the cocktails and food menu. The Scandi vibe is obvious in the furnishings and style, but the back room is a whole different disco bathroom concept, where 30+ disco balls hang from the ceiling. What’s not to like?!

TA Community Copenhagen

I started with the Copenhagen ($18). It’s the best seller here and for good reason: this signature cocktail is crisp, fresh and layered, one to whet your appetite.

I have to mention the current Happy Hour promo: From 4-7 pm every day, all house cocktails, wines and beers are only $9. And let me tell you, the house cocktails are no slouches.


TA Community Peanut Butter Daiquiri

A close second is this fun take on the beach classic. The peanut butter rum (it’s a thing) is just a hint, but it brings a touch of whimsy to the concoction, and is a comfort cocktail if you can call it that. Also included in the happy hour of course, otherwise it’s all $18.
Also, if you ask for the “Wifi Password”, you’re gonna get something unexpected.


TA Community David Asked mezcal

I did ask for something with mezcal, and Knut totally went for the challenge; this is what we got: an easy drinking and umami gift that disappeared down the hatchet in minutes. (Mezcal is the Dangerous Don Joven, not too smokey and useful for mixing.)


TA Community food

There is not a step wrong with the food: all hits, no misses. Clockwise from top left: The Swedish Seafood Sandwich Cake (S$8) seems like a dessert but is a filling starter with smoked salmon, prawn, cream cheese and eggs. The Barramundi ($32) is elevated with a coconut curry risotto that goes so well together. At just $12, the Skagen Toast is a fresh open-faced delight; I’ll be having this for lunch for quite a while. And the Lemon Posset ($12) kills it with beetroot meringue and blueberries. The food here is so affordably priced that it’s almost a steal.


TA Community dirty martini

This is one of the best Dirty Martinis I’ve experienced, made so because of the extra touches. The teensy splash of mezcal, saline solution and caper berry brine gives it the requisite unami spine, while gin and vermouth provide elegant structure. Winner!

It’s good that TA Community is located just outside the crowded Chinatown cocktail clan. There is not much competition on this side of Serangoon Road, and its casual and consummate vibe could endure it to folks this side of Little India.

The happy hour reminder: 4-7 pm, $9 house cocktails, wines and beers.

TA Community is open Wednesday – Sunday, 12 pm – 10 pm.

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P.S. disco disco disco!

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