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You’d Want to Stand Up For This. There is Now a Whisky Museum in Singapore. Come For The Tour, Stay For The Drams. Pick Up Some Whisky Knowledge, Drop Some Coins at The Gift-Shop.

THE WHISKY TRUST GROUP has rounded up its crazy rich whisky collection, artfully stacked them in a strictly-no-photography-allowed vault, and opened its doors to members of the public.
For just SGD55nett per person, get up close and personal with some of the world’s rarest and oldest whiskies, including discontinued, endorsed, limited edition, and record-breaking Japanese and Scottish whiskies, featuring star bottles from their collection: Royal Lochnagar 31- year old single cask & Yamazaki 50-year old single malt.

Royal Lochnagar 31- year old single cask | Grande Whisky Collection The Royal Lochnagar 31-year-old single cask hails from the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland, a stone’s throw from Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s Scottish residence. The distillery has a long and storied history, experiencing a fire (allegedly) started by its competitors in 1841 and numerous reconstructions, it is best known as Queen Victoria’s favourite distillery following her visit in 1848 and subsequent Royal warrant. The Royal Lochnagar 31-year-old was hand-selected for the Whisky Trust and was aged in a single whole cask for 31 years, made with water from the nearby Scarnock Springs, with all 194 bottles from the cask available for The Grande Whisky Collection.

Yamazaki 50-year old single malt | Grande Whisky Collection The Yamazaki 50-year-old single malt was recently sold at auction for the highest price ever achieved for a single bottle of Japanese whisky, and is one of the rarest and oldest Japanese single malt whiskies of all time. The whisky has matured for over half a century in the finest Japanese Mizunara oak cask giving it an elegant, one-of-a-kind aroma of eaglewood, and comes from Japan’s first commercial whisky distillery, the Yamazaki distillery, which opened in 1923, providing a true taste of Japanese whisky history.

Complete with smelling stations and your very own ambassador-guide in the form of a cellarmaster-collector-curator. The tour takes no more than 10 at a time, and promises you a journey from Scotland to Japan through sight, smell, taste, geography and history.

Christopher Lee, Director of The Whisky Trust.

“The moment you step into The Grande Whisky Collection, you will be transported into the rich and complex world of fine whisky. You will experience a journey from the highlands of Scotland to the distilleries of Japan, tasting, smelling and seeing the whisky-making process, surrounded by some of the rarest, oldest and finest whiskies in the world.” ~ Christopher Lee, Director of The Whisky Trust


The 3,600 sq. ft. Grande Whisky Collection is home to some 4,500 bottles with a tasting parlour that’s stacked floor-to-ceiling six metres high with whisky bottles, prompting us to ask questions like: 

  • “If there was a fire, and you could only save 2 bottles from the vault…”
  • “If there was an earthquake, which shelf would you stand next to…”
  • “What’s the total value of everything in here?”

Perfect discussion topics over some drams.

The Grande Whisky Collection is located on the fifth floor of ION Orchard

Tours are priced from SGD$55nett per person onwards inclusive of a whisky tasting session
2 Orchard Turn, #05-01 Ion, Orchard, 238801 Singapore
11.00am – 8.00pm (Monday to Sunday)
(+65) 8809 0038
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