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Pair Krug’s Latest Champagnes With Lemon-Based Dishes and You’ve Got Yourself a Singular Dining Experience.

I’ve experienced various iterations of Krug’s Single Ingredient dining soirees — Mushroom in 2017, Fish in 2018, Pepper in 2019 — and of course am excited that, in 2023, talented Ambassades chefs around the world are bringing zesty delight to yet another unexpected ingredient, the lemon.

The gastronomic possibilities are endless when you consider the lemon’s place in any kitchen, be it a household or restaurant. In the hands of award-winning chefs from Hashida, JAAN, Zen and new addition one-Michelin-starred La Dame De Pic, the mind boggles and the tastebuds anticipate.

KRUG x Lemon-246

“At the House of Krug, we are proud to create and re-create the fullness of flavours and aromas that come with each edition of our Grande Cuvée and rosé through the careful blending of different plots of wines. We invite champagne lovers and diners alike to re-discover and appreciate our champagnes’ myriad flavours brought out by the exquisite dishes by our Krug Ambassade Chefs in Singapore,” says sixth-generation Krug Director, Olivier Krug, also present at the dinner at La Dame De Pic.

Krug x Lemon

The Krug Grande Cuvee 171émé Édition’s botanical and fruity aromas and flavours of hazelnut, nougat, citrus fruits, almonds, brioche and honey was a winning symphony with the chef’s dishes.

Krug x Lemon

The Krug Rosé 27ème Édition is the result of complementing the selected plots’ wines of the year with reserve wines from eight other years.

It has aromas of rose hips, mulberries, peony pepper and pink grapefruit and elegant flavours of honey, citrus and dried fruits. The finish is a long sensual delight. It is the only prestige rosé Champagne blended with wines from three different grape varieties and years. KRUG x Lemon-234

Fun Fact: Krug Ambassades are part of a select network of unique ambassadors who embody the individualistic spirit of the House of Krug.

“I feel that lemon is an underrated ingredient due to its sour profile. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can actually achieve a “zero waste” dish that highlights the flavour of lemon. Meanwhile, I hardly see a Dessert recipe for the Single Ingredient event, so I decided to come up with a dessert that pairs well with the Grande Cuvee, says Chef Kenjiro Hashida of Hashida.

The curated Lemon dishes are available at the respective Krug Ambassades (La Dame de Pic, JAAN, Hashida and Zen):

  • Hashida: 1 Aug – 1 Oct        
    • The Lemon and Eggplant tiramisu will be part of the fixed menu, and guests can order a glass of Krug Grande Cuvee 171émé Édition at $72++ to enjoy the pairing.
  • JAAN:  18 Jul – 18 Oct        
    • The Lemon Eton Mess will be part of the fixed menu, and guests can order a glass of Krug Grande Cuvee 171émé Édition at $75++ to enjoy the pairing.
  • La Dame de Pic: 19 Jul – 20 Aug 
    • The     John Dory with Cardamom Leaves, Seashell Nasturtium Ravioli, Cedrat & Lovage Beurre Blanc will be part of the Elegance Menu (S$288++), paired with Krug Grande Cuvee 171émé Édition.
  • Zen: 18 Jul – 18 Aug
    • The lobster dish, Sunshine on The Sea will be available for a month.

KRUG x Lemon

Guests will also receive a copy of “The Zest Is Yet To Come” with every order of the Krug x Lemon dish. The collective cookbook is a compilation of recipes from more than 100 world-renowned Krug Ambassade Chefs for the first time.

The Krug Grande Cuvee 171émé Édition & Krug Rosé 27ème Édition are available at The Moomba Wine Shop for S$408 and S$598 respectively. 

Call the respective restaurants and book it now, zest do it!

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