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A potato, an egg and a mushroom walk into a bar… No it’s not the start of a joke. Each year the House of Krug chooses an ingredient and gets chefs to make astonishing dishes to pair with its grande cuvee. This year, the mushroom is the star.

There are many types of food trails one can embark on. The Krug X Mushroom culinary journey has two special things going for it: Krug Grande Cuvee paired with mushroom dishes created by five of Singapore’s most creative chefs.

Plus there’s a magnum of Krug you can win if you complete the odyssey.

The Krug culinary experience started two years ago with the potato. It’s a simple item, but with endless possibilities. The selected chefs were tasked to creative potato dishes to pair with the Grande Cuvee. Voila! C’est réussi!

A year later, the egg was put under the spotlight (or heat lamp). And for 2017, it’s Krug X Mushroom. And so from forest to fork we began our journey:

Song of India – 33 Scotts Road, Tel: 6836-0055

Song of India Krug x Mushroom

One Portobello by Chef Manjunath Mural: Chargrilled tandoori, spiced Portobello Mushrooms with tamarind foam, cardamom-flavoured Roquefort cheese.

This is a spicy dish but it’s accompanied by garlic and sesame naan and the Krug champagne is a shield against the sharp flavours. A platter would have four pieces of mushrooms, a perfect started for any evening.

Platter for 2 persons paired with a half bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee : $135++


Hashida – 333A Orchard Road, #04-16 Mandarin Gallery, Tel: 6733-2114

Hashida ice cream Krug

Shitake ice-cream by Chef ‘Hatch’ Hashida: Shitake, shimeji, maitake, Potan prawn.

This is no ordinary ice cream; I’m trying to wrap my head around it for a second – it’s a mushroom ice cream. Shiitake mushrooms with fermented eggplant skin is made into an ice cream, which has not just fragrance but also texture. It’s accompanied with hot tempura and a slab of uni.
“Krug goes very well with a lot of cuisines, especially Chinese and Japanese cuisines,” says Chef Hashida. Because of the champagne’s versatility, he was able to experiment with this dish. It’s subarashi! Maybe the highlight of the journey.

Omasake menu paired with 1 glass of Krug Grande Cuvée: $480++ (per person)

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Jaan – Level 70, Equinox Complex, 2 Stamford Road, Tel: 6837-3322

Krug x Mushroom Jaan

Scottish Langoustine with Morel Mushrooms and Madeira Hollandaise by Chef Kirk Westaway

It’s a late season langostine with champagne Hollandaise, the late spring vegetables we got might give way to a summer haul by the time you go. And though the morel mushroom has a subtle taste it does provide a salty kick, and pairs beautifully with the Grande Cuvee. 

6 course menu pairing with 3 Krug Champagnes: $450++ (per person)


Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Tel: 6475-2217

Krug x Mushroom Tippling Club

Foie gras and black truffle stuffed morel mushrooms with confit cockscombs and wild herbs by Chef Ryan Clift

This was prepared and plated right in front of us by Chef Clift, so we had a cooking lesson as a bonus (while sipping Krug). The asparagus was not blanched but cooked for just 30 seconds using a combustion technique (oil mixed with water, do not try this at home). The cockscomb was fried till crispy (who’d have thought) and became crunchy. Most unusual and most satisfying. Lovely pairing.

6 course menu pairing with a Glass of Krug Grande Cuvée: $260++ (per person)


Atlas, 600 North Bridge Road, Tel: 6396-4466

Krug x Mushroom Atlas

Memorie di Sottobosco ~ Life on a bark by Chef Daniele Sperindio: Chanterelles and Porcini Mount Blanc, Blue Foot mushrooms, glutinous rice bark, King Oyster Mushrooms

At this point we were stuffed and would have welcomed anything light, and this canape was both a lifesaver and a treat. It was delicate yet armed with distinct flavours despite the mix of mushrooms. The pairing? Spot on. 

Canapes paired with bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee : $340++per bottle

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Win a magnum of Krug Grande Cuvee:

Visit at least three of the participating outlets for the Krug X Mushroom pairing. 

Get your passport stamped and mail it in by October 10, 2017.

The first 5 #KrugLovers with all 5 stamps will receive a magnum. The first 10 #KrugLovers with at least three stamps will receive a bottle of Cuvee Edition 163.

Gentlemen – start your engines.

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