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16 Jan 2018 By

We’re counting down to Art Stage Singapore, because this local gallery’s got us at “pop-up whisky bar”.

Hello January!


The countdown to Art Stage Singapore has officially begun.

Every January, the very best of Asian contemporary art comes together for this flagship fair, where galleries near and far put forward their best collections of work.

Call us judge-y

This season, Art Stage strengthens its focus on Southeast Asia, and we are pleased to report that the quality of content (which we judge by the kind of tipple they choose to serve), is looking better than ever.

Here’s a clever little local gallery who had us at “pop-up Whiskey Bar”

You got us at whiskey, Yeo Workshop.

Starting with this pop-up ART x WHISKEY bar at…

Exhibition: ACCELERATED INTIMACY by Singapore Artist // Sarah Choo Jing

Dates: 20 Jan – 4 Mar 2018

Venue: Singapore Arts Club, Gillman Barracks 01-01

Hours: 11am – 7PM daily except Monday

Expect: The artist will transform the gallery, emulating the layout and set up of a hotel lobby, showcasing video artworks that are filmed and referenced from iconic films that result in a construction of coincidences within the characters and images.

Drink: For the first time ever, the gallery becomes an operating “hotel lobby” bar by EC Proof, which will open for the duration of the exhibition serving high quality whiskey and cocktails along with whiskey bottle service.

Immerse: Sarah Choo’s latest work, Accelerated Intimacy, is a five channel installation; a collection of fragments. Embedded in an assemblage of spectral objects that hint at the semblance of a quotidian space, a series of moving images enact elusive, allusive narratives, their solitary figures rehearsing a textual collage of found dialogue. They constitute a calibration of carefully constructed coincidences that are incomplete, open-ended, methodically ambivalent. Presented as an immersive installation, the various video channels are juxtaposed alongside photographic prints and objects.

More About The Exhibition: Through appropriating film scripts, the artist decontextualized conversational lines and significant quotes from iconic film; in turn, reconstructing a potential narrative surrounding each character. All five subjects are shot in various iconic hotel rooms in Singapore. The artist creates an environmental intimacy amongst these characters whilst they are hotel guests, an encounter of accelerated strangers. The characters seemingly interact with each other in this five channel installation.

The dual presentation of images and objects creates a complex staging of ‘lived’ experiences that exist concurrently across time and space. Rather than offering any kind of resolution to the histories of these characters and sites, Accelerated Intimacy is a culmination of carefully constructed coincidences that are unfinished and ongoing; revealing and establishing complex relations with each reading.

See you for some ART x WHISKEY!

Exhibition: ACCELERATED INTIMACY by Singapore Artist // Sarah Choo Jing

Dates: 20 Jan – 4 Mar 2018

Venue: Singapore Arts Club, Gillman Barracks 01-01

Hours: 11am – 7PM daily except Monday


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