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#428 No.
That's not the only improvement there for fans (and haters) of the bar. The Study is gone, and The Library is now an extended space with a brand new cocktail and food menu that's inspired and imaginative. Book a spot now. See what we did there?
#427 No.
We had a quick word with bartending legend David Rios, in Singapore for a few guest shifts and to show the young 'uns how it's done.
Parched Drinking Rules #11
#426 No.
You're just about to start stocking up on champagne, cava or prosecco for your year end soirees. So whether it's for Christmas or New Year, we've got a few solid suggestions (this is based on research – we tried them all!)
#425 No.
Our roundup of new eateries and bars that have great food and even better drinks. Because what matters is that you eat drink and be merry.
#424 No.
The new haven for good Old Fashioneds
#423 No.
Marilisa Allegrini promotes Allegrini wines and the Valpolicella area, as well she should. She's a scion of the family that has been around since the 16th century. Also the perfect person to speak to about Amarones.
#422 No.
Tippling Club has a novel way to introduce their new cocktail menu – you have to smell it. We were there to make scents of Sensorium.
#421 No.
Glenfiddich's brand ambassador (Southeast Asia) Matthew Fergusson-Stewart has been named by Icons of Whisky as a 'Scotch Whisky Brand Ambassador of the Year 2017'. So of course we had to ask him what it's all about.