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#442 No.
When you absolutely, resolutely, stubbornly and incorrigibly MUST have that beer in the shower...
#441 No.
This premium wine from Shangri-La, China, is unique and the first of its kind. Will Ao Yun wines soar in the clouds or be grounded in reality?
Parched Drinking Rules #77
#440 No.
For starters, don't say 'Lou-wiss'.
#439 No.
Yeah, the world of wine is intimidating, and yeah, when we’re intimidated, sometimes we try too hard to fit in. But people can tell when you're trying too hard, so don't be that guy. Yes wine snob, we're talking about you.
#438 No.
London's new 'gin hotel' has just opened and it's a haven for gin lovers. So what, exactly, is inside a gin hotel?
#437 No.
You shared it on all your social media channels, you bought a shirt with the quote on it, and all your friends think you’re so well-read and witty. Too bad that quote is fake.
#436 No.
No one ever wants to drink too much, but sometimes festivities happen. Keep this guide handy for preventing and dealing with the horrible hangover. (Still useful for rest of adult life).
#435 No.
A trip to three regions for some great no-age statement whiskies that's worth a punt.