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15 Jan 2017 By David Fuhrmann-Lim

When you absolutely, resolutely, stubbornly and incorrigibly MUST have that beer in the shower...

Every multitasking party person knows the importance of a good shower beer. The only issue? Finishing all 12 ounces by the time the water starts getting cold.

Swedish brewery PangPang seems to have solved the problem with its new offering, the aptly named Shower Beer. The inventive brew comes in a six-ounce mini bottle, but its double strength (10 percent ABV) means you get all of the buzz of a typical beer condensed into a more compact package. Made for quick sipping, the beer is a strong and sweet pale ale made for kick-starting a fun night.

shower beer

Talking about his inspiration, creator Fredrick Tunedal explained he was intrigued by the infamous drinking custom and even browsed the hashtag #showerbeer on social media to discover just how universal the boozy habit is. Best of all, the brew has even been formulated to double as a hair conditioner. (We’re not quite sure how that works, but we’ll take Tunedal’s word for it.)

Originally intended as a one-time release for the Swedish market, Shower Beer received overwhelming accolades, and PangPang is already gearing up for a second batch. No word yet on if, or when, the beer will be hitting the rest of the world, but we’re pretty confident there will be plenty of demand for a product like this anywhere.

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