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14 Sep 2023 By David Fuhrmann-Lim

Join Us on World Sake Day (1 October) to be a Part of The World’s Biggest Kampai Communal Event! You'll Also Be Privy to The Upcoming Sake Matsuri and Receive Limited Edition Glasses!

Sake is considered sacred, and the toast, or kampai, is meant to unify people in the presence of the gods. So what better way to give thanks to this bountiful spirit than to celebrate Sake Day (1 October) and unite the world with a big communal kampai


World Sake Day Kanpai

World Sake Day provides a unique opportunity for individuals to explore the world of sake, learn about its intricacies and appreciate the craftsmanship behind its production.

On 1 October 2023, people from all walks of life will gather to toast this iconic beverage, sharing its rich history and the cultural significance it holds. October is written as “酉” in Chinese and in the Japanese zodiac (it is read as “Tori”, a hieroglyphic form for a jar of sake). Traditionally, the calendar for sake brewers starts on 1 October — the period to harvest new rice crops and to brew sake. So in 1978, the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS) designated 1 October as Sake Day to renew the passion to pass Japan’s national sake culture on to future generations and to encourage deeper understanding and love for sake.

World Sake Day Kanpai

Fun Fact: In 1978, the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS) designated 1st October as Sake Day” as that is the period to harvest rice crops and to start brewing sake!

World Sake Day is not just a day to appreciate the flavours and craftsmanship of sake, but also an opportunity to learn about Japan’s culture, history and traditions. It is a day to cherish the cultural bridge that sake builds between Japan and the rest of the world. Join us in raising a glass of sake to honour this exceptional beverage and the vibrant culture it represents. Let’s make World Sake Day 2023 an unforgettable celebration as we attempt to create the world’s biggest kampai event!

Date: 1 October 2023, Sunday

Time: 4 pm – 6 pm 

Organisers: Sake Matsuri Singapore, sponsored by JETRO Singapore

Location: Capitol Singapore (Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar, outdoor space at Capitol)

Ka-en World Sake Day

The kampai ceremony is accompanied by a preview of Sake Matsuri with sake sampling and special gifts.

Get your ticket bundle here and join us for World Sake Day! Ticket bundle includes:

  • Entry to WSD Global Kampai Party 
  • Limited Edition WSD Global Kampai Riedel Glassware 
  • Limited Edition WSD Ochoko cup & complimentary sake
  • $10 Ka-EN Grill & Sushi Bar voucher
  • Dinner at Ka-EN Grill and Sushi Bar worth $50/person [U.P. $88]


What’s the difference between a wine glass and an Ochoko glass? We’re glad you asked!

According to a renowned sake somm, the adoption of wine glasses for sake consumption is also a reality in Japan. The creation in 2011 of The Fine Sake Awards — which rewards sake that does better in wine glasses — is proof of this. More Japanese restaurants are serving the beverage with wine glasses, as it’s a way to appeal to new consumers. We say, drink it how you like it. What’s important is that the coexistence of the “traditional” and the “contemporary” will lead more people to try this drink — everyone wins!

You will also sample 2 x sake by the glass redeemable at the Mini Sake Bar. Highlights include the sweet and minerally Ryusuisen New Normal Omi (pairs well with octopus carpaccio), the Junmai Ginjo Branche (developed for European palettes so it pairs with cheeses and herbal dishes), and Ginjo Nama Genshu, the all-semi sake — semidry, semi-sweet, semi-bold, semi-thick and semi-rich.

About Sake Matsuri:


Sake Matsuri is Singapore’s largest independent craft sake festival, promoting sake appreciation through culture, craftsmanship and lifestyle. Created by sake lovers for sake lovers, the festival aims to raise awareness and appreciation for craft sake. The upcoming edition on 4–5 November 2023 will showcase more than 200 sake (and Japanese spirits), including seasonal releases, competition-winning sake and sake that have never been available in Singapore!

Get your tickets to Sake Matsuri, happening 4–5 November, now!

Instagram at @sakematsurisg


In partnership with Sake Matsuri.