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03 Aug 2015 By Xin Hui Eng

We speak with Paul Bungener - London-based International Brand Ambassador of FAIR. - about his favourite city, favourite drink, and if he believes "all's fair" in F&B.


Paul started his role…

I was coming back from 4 month trip backpacking in South East Asia and I wanted to be able to do something I would be passionate about and also be able to make an impact on the world by more than just supporting a Charity (which I was doing already). There is a way to be successful and help others. Not easy to find but I did and it’s a fantastic feeling to wake up everyday and know that I will work very hard but have a lot of fun, spread a very positive and conscious word and support co-op of farmers coming from developing countries.

In the beginning…

Back in late 2009 when we started the company, nobody really knew what fair trade, Organic or Quinoa meant and was. The lack of understanding from the market and consumers made it very hard but since day one the quality and unique flavour of our products has always created interest and made a difference.

Today, some 5 years later…

FAIR. Quinoa Vodka is now seen as one of the most healthy and trendy spirits in the market, our Rum are loved and our Gin is spreading at a fast speed.

Paul will never forget the one time…

I’m a massive fan of Soul and Hip-Hop music. While I was based in LA developing the brand in Socal and Vegas I had the chance to host a lot of parties for celebrities and other Charity. One of them was to host a VIP bar at the back stage of Taste of Soul (350,000 people attended to watch the show). It gave me the opportunity to go on stage with one of the biggest Soul music legend, Mr Stevie Wonder. A moment  you only live once. 

Outside of work, Paul drinks…

It depends on the mood, lately I have been enjoying a lot of craft beer. The scene became incredible in London (where I’m based. Best city in the world btw.) and there is so much to try. I don’t favour one type of spirits, but let’s say that my go-to classic would be a FAIR. Quinoa Sour, Gin/Vodka dry Martini, Rum old fashioned with our 5yo Belize Rum, Martinez and Aviation.

And if you want food pairing details

I’ll have it with a zest of lemon, paired with a lobster.

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