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27 May 2014 By

Don’t believe everything you read. Or drink. Or hear: Drinking beer gives you a beer belly. Yup it does, but then again so does drinking any alcohol. What else have you been in denial about? Here – nine alcohol myths busted.

9 Myths About Alcohol, Busted

By Sarah Klein

It’s the world’s most used drug, and the drug that most frequently sends users to the emergency room, and yet less than 60 percent of heavy drinkers recognize that their habits put them at high risk, according to the 2014 Global Drug Survey.

Whether it’s because of alcohol’s celebratory feel or — in moderation — its health benefits or simply its ubiquity in social gatherings, many drinkers just don’t take their drinking seriously. We asked Kenneth R. Warren, Ph.D., deputy director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), to help set the record straight.

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