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16 May 2023 By

Our Fav New Hang is a Bird-Themed Cocktail Bar That’s Superfly.

There’s a lot to like about Plume, the new cocktail bar perched inside the revamped Pan Pacific Hotel. The design is a confident blend of modernity, whimsy and might I add, sexiness. Bird motifs and hints are embedded in the collaterals and compositions, all flocking to create a space that’s luxe, elegant and still welcoming. 

And yeah, the bird concept. It’s all birds, birds, birds. The first iteration is a celebration of the native birds of Singapore. From avian habits, plumage colours and migratory patterns, Plume a refreshing concept well executed. Plenty of research has gone into the drinks, and it’s a fun idea that’s all set to take flight. (Think of the possibilities for future menu ideas: birds of Europe, birds of South America etc.)

For now, let’s focus on our local selection:

Plume Crimson sunbird cocktail

The Crimson Songbird is an ambrosial welcome that’s tarty, tannic and tasty.

Specially curated cocktails were concocted in collaboration with cutting-edge bar consultants, Compound Collective (Barbary Coast) and Plume’s head mixologist, Ong Jun Han. There are 12 signature cocktails here, and each drink reflects the unique characteristics of their respective avian muse.

Plume interior

Plume features intricately textured monstera leaf walls, with an array of hidden birds that enhances the lush tropical experience.

woodpecker Plume cocktail

Another standout signature cocktail is the Banded Woodpecker, made with Green Ant Gin. This Martini-inspired take is served with a mist of oak moss, accentuating a citrusy and musky perfume. (The bird loves foraging in mossy crevices.)

Plume cocktails

Pair your signature cocktails with bird-themed snacks like Pink Flamingos (a Pani Puri dish featuring crispy fried dough balls stuffed with tiger prawn tartare) or Bird Food (crisp and light lotus root chips topped with an in-house made salmon floss and served with a side of whipped onion cream).  

bijou Plume cocktail

When put to the classics test, they passed with flying colours. Our cocktail du jour is the Bijou, a bracing beauty made just right and balanced perfectly with green chartreuse.

Just as all our birds have moved to the new Bird Paradise, cocktail punters should likewise migrate to this new fly spot and settle for a luxe night of drinks and bites.

For a more intimate experience, Plume has a separate bar/private section, The Nest, available for special celebrations — sits about 16-20 punters.

Plume, 5pm–1am Sundays to Thursdays, and till 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.



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