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In under five years Alcohol Delivery have delivered 500,000 bottles of chilled booze to thirsty (and lazy) Singaporeans, with a promise to do it under an hour. We spoke to them bout their business model, and of course tested their claims.

With 500,000 bottles of alcohol delivered since their inception in 2012, the brother and sister team who started alcoholdelivery.com.sg certainly know what they’re doing, and doing right.

This pet project by siblings Travis (28) and Suzanne Chia (24), has snowballed into a disruptive, tech-savvy alcohol delivery service. The website has been revamped for a more interactive and friendly experience, but the real test is still whether they can get the good to us on time*.

The site also provides party packages, cocktail packages, loyalty points and gift vouchers. So how did they come so far so quickly?

How did you get this started: Both as an idea and also financially?

We saw an opportunity, a gap in the alcohol delivery market and we seized it. Financially, to kickstart this, we did not spend much at all. As AlcoholDelivery started out as a pet project, we did not have much capital to back the business, and set up the website under a budget of $1,000. The variety of items offered initially were extremely limited, and we only had one bottle in stock for each variety. We personally took the orders online or through the phone ourselves, with the assurance to consumers that we will deliver the chilled items within an hour.


What’s the secret – are your stocks decentralised?

We hold all inventory on-site to ensure stocks availability, timely delivery of an hour, as well as to make sure we deliver them chilled within the hour! After all, we brand ourselves ‘ 1 hour alcohol delivery’ with our served chilled slogan.

What’s been the most unusual/interesting order?

An interesting encounter I can recall, is an instance where a customer actually requested for us to send a cute delivery guy over and for him to recite a poem!

On a separate occasion, we also received a special request from a customer asking for some limes to be delivered with the bottles of tequila they ordered. This actually inspired us to come up with holistic cocktail packages available on our online platform, that allows consumers to buy all the ingredients at a single click to make their desired cocktail.

Will you soon be able to deliver hot bartenders to parties?

Yes, we will be able to deliver bartenders to parties soon, though “hot” could be subjective. Perhaps one day, we’ll be able to deliver the city’s finest bartenders to house parties, along with drink orders by our customers.

Travis & Suzanne Chia alcoholdelivery

Who does the sourcing and curating?

Sourcing and curating is done by both of us, as we constantly try to expand our selections for more novel and unique drinks. Our brand new online platform acts as a comprehensive way for consumers to browse through our curated menu of 500 items comprehensively.

Contact Alcohol Delivery here.

*Yes. Two bottles of soju arrived in under an hour, just only slightly chilled. No complaints though.


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