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13 Nov 2015 By

Got a quarter million to spare? We’ve got a quartet of covetable and collectible whiskies and cognac to recommend.

Some of the world’s finest whisky and cognac are in Singapore exclusively for DFS Group’s Masters of Wines and Spirits, Asia’s largest, most prestigious retail exhibition of fine wine, Champagne and spirits.

The Martell Hidden Gems, Royal Salute – The Age Collection, The Glenlivet –The Decade Collection, and The Aberlour Taste of Malt Cabinet, are truly a tribute to the legacy of craftsmanship, artistry and mastery. And they’re all available if you want to helicopter there this month, at T Galleria by DFS, Singapore at Scottswalk.

ABERLOUR_Bouteilles DFS The Aberlour Taste of Malt Cabinet, $5,000

Steeped in centuries of Scottish tradition and generations of making some of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky blends, The Aberlour Taste of Malt Cabinet is a collection of three exceptional whiskies, aged for 18, 22 and 35 years.

Each expression, luxurious in its own right, was crafted using the Double Cask Maturation skills that the Aberlour distillery is famous for. The perfect proportion of sherry casks used in each expression alongside the ex-American oak results in elegant, complex and exceptionally balanced single malts.

This fine craftsmanship shines through the singular colour of the malts, which is proudly showcased in The Aberlour Taste of Malt Cabinet. Handcrafted in France using noble materials, combining walnut wood and brass. The Aberlour Taste of Malt Cabinet is an exclusive limited edition where only 15 sets are released globally – a true collectible for the single malt whisky connoisseur.

martell DFS

The Martell Hidden Gems, $230,000

Now this. This costs $230,000. Known for crafting bespoke luxury products, Martell has drawn upon its treasured stock of exceptional eaux- de vie, kept over a period covering three centuries in the historical site of the Martell House, in Cognac city.

Two of the oldest have been kept for posterity and have been placed as a jewel in a restored authentic and high-end impenetrable piece of art: “the Martell safe”.

In 2015, Martell proposes The Martell Hidden Gems, for the first time, two of the oldest eaux- de vie, dating back from 1875 and 1898, are highly protected in a precious and faithful replication of this authentic safe. This handcrafted safe is a testimony of Martell eventful history & savoir-faire, a combination of outstanding aesthetics and modern functionalities.

The two extremely rare blends are individually bottled in two bottles of 20 cl, alongside the extraordinary blend issued from those two eaux-de-vie in an exquisite 70 cl crystal Baccarat vintage decanter. This crystal decanter has been used for the first time in 1954 to contain Martell Cordon Bleu and has been offered too as an official present to the Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, in 1957, and to the Emperor Hirohito, in 1971 during their official trips to France.

Back in the day armies went to war for this. But now you, yes You, can taste the two historic eaux-de-vie. Jean Jacques Regnault, the Martell Global Brand Ambassador will be conducting an exclusive tasting experience at the T Galleria by DFS on November 20 and 21. More details the in link below. No, you can’t pay in gold bullion.

Glenlivet DFS

The Glenlivet –The Decade Collection, $53,900

Celebrating nearly 200 years of history, unrivalled knowledge, unwavering care and unfaltering craft, The Decade Collection brings to life The Glenlivet’s exceptional character and definitive style through time.

The Glenlivet Decade Collection is a bespoke, rare and unique limited release of four expressions from four decades, each offering a unique profile, appreciated by discerning single malt aficionados.

No expense or attention to craftsmanship has been spared in creating The Glenlivet Decade Collection. Personally nosed and hand selected by Master Distiller Alan Winchester, the vintages come from 1968, 1978, 1988 and 1998.

The tasting notes of 1968 offers a luxuriously long and velvety smooth finish, while the 1978 bursts with zesty citrus sweetness. The 1988 has an abundance of soft fruit notes balanced with sweet vanilla toffee, and the 1998 delights with an intriguing touch of root ginger to complement the fruity palate.

royal salute DFS

Royal Salute – The Age Collection, $53,900

In 1953 when 12 year old whiskies were a rare post-war luxury, Royal Salute’s 21 year old blend honoured the monarchy that helped preserve freedom. 62 years on, Royal Salute celebrates the historic achievement of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953 – the year she becomes Britain’s longest serving monarch with The Age Collection.

With each telling its own story, The Age Collection is a series of ten whisky blends aged 21 to 30 years, making this a rare opportunity to understand Royal Salute’s endless quest to honour the most distinguished palates with the greatest luxury of all: time.

True to its regality, each blend comes in a crystal bottle hand crafted with techniques dating back to the first century A.D by Dartington. The collection is mounted on a rare handcrafted plinth, designed by celebrated architect Sally Mackereth and carved by carpentry specialists Jack Badger from 8,000 year old Neolithic wood. Royal Salute has produced a one-off limited edition set exclusively for DFS Masters of Wines and Spirits 2015 to be the first release in the world, with only 21 sets in existence.

More info at: T Galleria

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