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19 May 2016 By

And by Single Cask we don’t mean the process, but the intimate whisky bar in Chijmes known for its range of independent bottlings and single malts from family owned, family run distilleries. It doesn’t get more indie than this.

Ben Curtis is owner of Malt Vault, a company that imports single malt whiskies for distribution in Asia. And like anyone who is around or retailing whiskies all the time, the idea of owning a bar to share even more malt magic is never far from one’s mind. Which is how Single Cask came about, and how fitting that it’s in this little corner in Caldwell House, Chijmes, a singularly cosy spot that exudes old school charm. (Secretly, I think it’s a clever man-cave way to exhibit your collection!)…

Single cask

#1  The bar stocks over 300 single malts, boutique blended malts and single cask rums.

#2  They do their own independent bottling as well. It’s limited edition with only a few hundred bottles available, most of which are sold to other companies and bars. The latest range of six are all non chill filtered and bottled in their natural colours. All are cask strength, and I particularly like the Linkwood 18 Years (51.2% ABV) for its intensity and fruitiness. It’s what you’d have offered that silly man Jack Dawson to get away from the bow of the Titanic.

#3  There are monthly events and the odd happy hour deal as well, it’s all on their chalkboard – World Whisky Day is May 21! – and on their blog as well. These include exhibitions, masterclasses and drinking tours. Or there’s always Facebook.

#4  The oldest whisky they have is a Glenfarclas 1966 47 Years Old, it is $4026 ($3660 + 10% service charge) when sold in the bar and $2562 for retail purchase. Awesome if you are turning 50 this year.

Single Cask

#5  Single Cask has a range of Usige Source, water from Scotland, from three different regions (Highland, Islay, Speyside) to be used on drams accordingly. (The Uisge Source three-pack is $$26.40+ in the bar and $16.80 for retail purchases.)

#6  Ambassadors…not just cretins who park their cars indiscriminately and never get towed. The kinds we like are the whisky fellas, who not just represent brands but are themselves enthusiasts, I prefer the word ‘Evangelist’. The bar has Whisky Ambassadors who are accredited and who know a killer ton of things pertaining to whisky. You can test them, or just rely on the good judgement of Ben, Brendan and Prathip.

#7  There is a membership program: Pay S$2,888 upfront to join, and all of it goes to full bar credits, but with a 25% discount. So if our math is right, you’re getting just under S$3,500 worth of whiskies. (We’re not Ramanujan, but we’re close). Yes, you can bring a dram buddy to enjoy this privilege, it’s the right thing to do.

Single Cask is at #01-025 Chijmes Caldwell House, 30 Victoria Street, tel: 6837-0953.


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