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Lombok’s First Five-Star Beach Resort is a Stylish 21st-Century Ode to Modern Design and Local Artistry.

You can tell when a tourism spot is finally getting the boost it deserves. For years Lombok has been in the shadow of its boisterous sibling Bali. Lately though, like the quiet cousin no one speaks to during reunions — and who suddenly gets a scholarship to a feted uni — Lombok is ready to break free and blossom.

It now has a world-class racing circuit (Mandalika International Street Circuit) which has hosted several Grand Prix races.

Its highway from the airport makes for a smooth ride to the main tourism spots, especially Kuta, is a testament to its shrewd urban planning.

And of course, the sure sign that a locale is about to hit the jackpot is when an international hotel chain opens a luxury resort — the first of its kind — on the island. Step forward Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort, we salute you.

Pullman pool Lombok

The newly-built seafront resort is the first five-star resort built in Mandalike and fits snugly in the southern bay. It was just launched in August 2022 and is a mere 20 minutes from the international airport.

“We are very excited to introduce the first Pullman resort in Lombok at this prime location on the southern coast. We strive to provide travellers with inspiring, active and fun programs that focus on their well-being. Art also plays a significant part in the resort’s programming, allowing for a seamless playground to unlock guests’ imagination. We are thrilled to invite travellers to explore and up their game at our new vibrant playground in Lombok,” said Vincent Wybier, General Manager of Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort.

pullman lombok martini

Conveniently, the pool faces the sand faces the sea and the unending horizon further afield. The swimming pool is large enough that, when we were there, a group of triathletes were training in it. Before we took our first plunge, we were already checking out the cocktail menu. We had to start with a poolside Classic Martini, ordered from Lalo, the swim-up bar. It was stirred right with gin and the requisite three olives.

Pullman cocktail Gimlet Jamoe

The Gimlet Jamoe is another delight from the main bar in Aer Restaurant. The drinks menu has a range of signature cocktails inspired by the classics but is given a local twist through spices, fruits and artistry. The jamoe in this gin-based concoction is a blend of turmeric, star anise, cinnamon and sugar. The Rempahgroni has, in addition to gin, vermouth and Campari, and an added touch of spiced syrup to lift it. 

Pullman juice Lombok

If you’re on a vacay, sometimes you might want a healthier option. Opt for mocktails or various juices to detox and revitalise.

Pullman Lombok Parrots

We missed the buffaloes’ evening beach trek (yes, it’s a thing) but were at least entertained all morning with the parrot aerial display. It’s a wonder the birds didn’t flee, but who knows what a parrot thinks?

Pullman buffet Lombok

The breakfast buffet includes western, Chinese and Middle Eastern options and, of course, the not-to-be-skipped Indonesian classics.

Pullman pool Lombok

The resort has 257 sweet abodes ranging from private villas to suites; each has a modern design with elements of traditional Sasak art, the indigenous tribe of Lombok. Every room has a private balcony with the choice of garden views or stunning Indian Ocean views.

Pullman Jamoe LombokYou’re a star. Many thanks to Pullman Lombok Merujani Mandalika Beach Resort for our stay.

Book at Accor, email ha1k2@accor.com or call the reservation team at +62370-7525-100. 


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