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9 Reasons Why You Should Say ‘Hello’ to The Swan Song – Our Favourite New Whisky Bar.

It’s new, but The Swan Song is already one of our favourite new whisky bars. We love passion projects where you can feel the love and sincerity of the bar’s owners. And it shows in the seemingly minute details: The beer and chips don’t have big flavours to overwhelm the whiskies you’re gonna sample. We like that. Here are 9 more reasons why.


1. At the core of what they do is the idea of sharing whiskies. Share. The. Spirit. That’s the whole ethos behind the bar. There is no bottle service here, every bottle is meant to be drank and destroyed enjoyed. There’s a strategic decision when they buy bottles, they think about whether it’s good value, and whether punters will want to try it.

2. It’s totally unpretentious. The bar is on the second floor of a shophouse, in an alcove, behind a bunch of other busier outlets. It feels like a living room, welcoming and intimate, only it has a wicked phalanx of spirits.

3. We love the collection and the prices. There we said it. We’re not big on bombast, but the whisky collection here is unique and unmatched. The lot of more than 500 bottles have been amassed by the partners since they got into whiskies way back when – a lot of it is their personal stash. So now they buy from trade shows, festivals, exchanges, auctions (not so much) and online buys. The profits literally gets ploughed back into buying more bottles.

swan song whisky owners

4. Who’s makin’ money moves? The owners are Kelvin Hoon (above right) and Arun Prashant (Familiar? He was previously from Auld Alliance). Speaking of… Swan Song is located at 50A Prinsep Street. Yup, just behind AA at Rendezvous Hotel.

5. They’ve created a bar where you can order pretty unknown drams to try – with prices that are not just reasonable, but shockingly so (if you have an inkling what other whisky bars in Singapore charge, you’ll be grinning here.) If unsure, let them take you through a flight. Otherwise, ask Prashant about his eclectic Ledaig collection.

swan song whisky bottles1

6. No bottle service here means the one or two special expressions gets to be shared by seasoned punters and newcomers. No selfish hogging or hoarding here. Have a look at the top shelf and see the glorious range of whiskies the guests have bottle killed here – you’ll happily plonk down good (value for) money to be part of the clan.

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swan song ballantines whisky

7. Some of the ridic deals here include a 30 Years Old Ballantines blend that’s just $19 (half dram) or $38 for a full one. You read right. Also check out the 1969 Mortlach Aged 16 years (56.5%), the 1981 Lochside 40 Years, or the Benrinnes 23 Year Old, a heavy belter that’s nuanced yet perfect for steaks. I could go on, but you might as well start you own quest, grasshopper.

8. The Japanese collection here isn’t extensive, partly due to partner Kevin’s admitted lack of expertise with the country’s brands. But really, there are so many other places in Singapore where you can go pay for overpriced Japanese whisky. You don’t need that here. Again – value matters.

9. ‘The Swan Song’ means a few things, and none of it morbid: It’s where one bids goodbye to bottles that are mercifully killed; it’s where you might end your night with a dram for the road; and as Hoon says, “Nothing lasts forever – try it before it’s gone. It’s the swan song for the bottle, and for the price as well.”

The Swan Song, 50A Prinsep Street, #02-01.

Thursday – Sunday only, 7pm till late.

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