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29 Feb 2016 By

11 times stock photos just got it plain wrong with wine. Epic fail.

From inappropriate outfits to overzealous waste of wines, stock photo models really need to be kept far far away from alcohol.


Sexy girl with bunch of grapes”. Hey Bree Larson just called, she wants her cellar back. Also, wrong shoes to be stomping with.

stock photo fail


Portrait of a waiter holding a champagne bottle“. And there goes your tip. Also your job.stock photo fail


One pretty sexy woman in black underwear with long wet hair holding glass with red wine pouring on face”. Hey miss, Charlie Sheen will see you now.

stock photo fail


Woman pulling a wine cork out with her teeth”. And for my next trick, the ping pong balls…

stock photo fail


Crazy Eye’s equally crazy stepmother drinking wine through a straw“. And hoping to get jailed.

stock photo fail


A man wearing two party hats and looking sadly up inside an empty bottle of champagne.” Nope, we’ve got nothing.

stock photo fail


Woman spilling wine”. How do you disguise spilled wine? By covering it with more wine.

stock photo fail


Young male opening bottle of wine”. First of all, you match the wines to the meat, not the wanker glasses. Also, uncap the bottle first before pouring it.  stock photo fail


Sommelier tastes wine with clothespin on nose”. Even in a blind tasting we can tell it’s red.

stock photo fail


“Portrait of young nice woman abandoning a glass of wine”. Take me to your leader…and hold on to that bottle, is it shiraz?

stock photo fail


Attractive sommelier holding cockscrew and really, really enjoying a quiet moment with the cork”. Nothing more to add here.

stock photo fail

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