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The Award-Winning Craft Beer Has Just Been Launched in Singapore. Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know About Brooklyn Brewery and its Beers.

Brooklyn Brewery is currently the most successful brewery in New York City, and ranked #11 among all United States craft breweries. Here’s what else you should know about them:



Being design aficionados, the first thing we want to highlight is that Milton Glaser (of I Heart New York, above) designed the logo on the bottle. If you’re gonna make an iconic beer from the borough, you gotta have the most iconic New York graphic designer work on it. He put the ‘B’ in Brooklyn.

(It took two hours for the co-founders of Brooklyn Eagle Brewery to convince Glaser to work with them. The iconoclastic designer was persuaded by the bold plan they presented, but he insisted on changing the name to Brooklyn Brewery, saying: “You’ve got Brooklyn here, who needs an eagle!” He even agreed to waive his usual fees in exchange for an equity stake in the company.)

Brooklyn Brewery beer 3

[ How Next Level Design is Driving The Beer World ]

 Brooklyn Brewery beer


The BQE (Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment) sounds like it reads: It’s their personal stash of bottle-conditioned beers that take an extra measure of time, space and dedication to pull off. Every few months they’ll create new experimental beers, each of them bold, delicious and brimming with Brooklyn flair. These include the Kiwi’s Playhouse and K is for Kriek (above). There is also a Black Ops stout you might want to hunt down, but hey, maybe it doesn’t exist. Who knows, I shouldn’t have said anything…


If the BQE beers are hard to find, look out for their Perennials, which include the robust Brooklyn Lager (5.2% ), whose firm malt centre is supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma, with a caramel finish. Or the East IPA:

Brooklyn Brewery beer 2

A slightly-fruity IPA (6.9%) packed with flavours, but with a bold balance – uses American hops and East Kent Goldings hops as a tribute to IPA’s ancestral British home. This is where tradition meets modern exuberance.



Brooklyn Brewery beers are available at KPO CaféBar (1 Killiney Road, Singapore 239518) at the moment. It’ll spread across Singapore soon enough, as it’s being distributed by a mega-corp.

Brooklyn Brewery beer 3


Our favourite from the tasting sesion is this Naranjito (4.5%), brewed with some of their favorite dishes in mind. The beer pops with subtle, sweet orange flavours, is juicy with a fresh aroma and a crisp, refreshing finish. It’s perfect with spicy Asian dishes, the odd fish taco and tangy cheeses.

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