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31 Mar 2016 By

You didn’t ask for it, but somebody invented it anyway: the Champagne Machine Gun. Yours for only US$459!

The fine douchey art of spraying champagne has now been elevated, thanks to the invention of Champagne Gun by French company Extra-Night, which will improve your accuracy (if these things matter to you) but not necessarily your bank account. The Gun costs US$459, and will only fit magnum bottles, and come on, you can’t be spraying the cheap grot, so spring for the Dom or Krug.

According to Miami New Times, the Champagne Gun is distributed  by Jeremy Touitou, who also sold the sparklers that’s attached to champagne bottles sold in the VIP areas of glittery clubs. You know, the sparklers so envied by other gorillas in the next booth that they break their necks rushing for their credit cards to order even more bottles with sparklers because, well, my sparkler is bigger than your sparkler.

It comes in gold, rose gold and chrome finishes, and sprays up to a distance of 7 metres, making it an astutely perfect weapon to have the next time a dirtbag politician’s son tries to hijack the DJ console.

Order it at Champagne Gun

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