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02 Aug 2016 By

Catching a long haul at Changi Airport just got a whole lot better. Here’s why.

Let’s face it, nobody likes airports, even if it’s the ©Best Airport in The World… unless! Unless you have unfettered access to unlimited whiskies while you’re there. We’re not suggesting you go on a binge (airlines can refuse to let you board if you’re completely blitzed), but with the new Terminal 2 Wines and Spirits Duplex, you now have the most rewarding way to kill time.

Check in earlier, waaaay earlier, to make sure you have time to visit all three new in-store concepts: The Wine Reserve, the Cigar Room and The Whiskey House.

Changi Airport T2 Whisky Bar

DFS’ Wines and Spirits Duplex offers a world of choices, these are the only numbers you need to know:

179 single malts + 68 blended Scotch whiskies + 30 American whiskies: Are available to buy, as well as leading Japanese whiskies Yamazaki, Hibiki and Suntory Chita and Kavalan from Taiwan.

1 million: Projected sale of whisky bottles per annum.

100: Complimentary whiskies you can try in the Whisky House; the staff will design individual sampling experiences for guests to demystify the selection process and make choosing your favorite whiskey a simpler, more engaging and refreshing experience.

240: wine, tobacco an spirit brands.

350: Top wine products from top regions Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne and countries like Australia, USA, Portugal and New Zealand.

But – let’s talk about the Whisky House, and the Whisky Festival.

DFS Whisky House T2

From now till Sept 10, the Whiskey Festival will showcase a series of events on Friday and Saturday evenings (full schedule bottom of page). Each weekend, a different whiskey brand will bring the festival to life with guest appearances from their brand ambassadors, special master classes and food pairing sessions. There will also be whisky cocktails for sampling as well. Yes, free and available to anyone who has checked in.

As for the Whisky House, whoa.

Changi Airport T2 Whisky Bar

Upstairs at the Whisky House is is whisky wonderland, one you find wandering through a watering hole. The big brands like Glenfiddich, Macallan, The Glenlivet (above), Hennessey, Johnny Walker and Dalmore have staked the place out with impressive booths and interactive bon mots. Here you will sample not just flagship whiskies, but also unique ones created only for travel retail.

DFS Whisky House T2 Macallan Rare Cask Black

Verdict: There are many glorious delights, but The Macallan Rare Cask Black is something to behold. We’ve animated it for dramatic purposes. It was intense, rich with leathery and chocolate and dark cherries flavours, and an oily texture which gave it a long finish.

DFS T2 Duplex - The Dalmore Boutique

Available here is The Dalmore Constellation Collection, a meticulously curated collection of 21 single cask whiskies which showcases the extraordinary depth of character which can be achieved at The Dalmore distillery, creating the most valuable and extensive collection of rare single cask vintage single malt in the world. The whole lot, yours, for under half-a-million Sing dollars.

Round the corner is the bar, which has samples of over 100 whiskies for you. And that is where your flight begins, or ends.

Whisky Festival

Aug 5 & 6: The Macallan featuring Randall Tan, Brand Advocate and Keith Nair, Brand Trainer

Aug 12 & 13: Maker’s Mark featuring Gordon Dundas, Global Brand Ambassador

Aug 19 & 20: House of Hazelwood featuring Jay Gray, Brand Ambassador for Southeast Asia

Aug 26: Beam Suntory Japanese whiskies featuring Mike Miyamoto,Global Brand Ambassador

Sep 2 & 3: Glenfiddich featuring Matthew Fergusson-Stewart, Brand Ambassador for Asia Pacific

Sep 9 & 10: Bruichladdich featuring Richard Gillam, Brand Ambassador

Time and Venue:

(a) 3 – 5pm at The Whiskey House at Level 2, Terminal 2 Duplex

(b) 5.30 – 7.30pm at The Long Bar by Raffles at Level 2, Terminal 3 Duplex


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