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Chef Willin Has Helped to Create a Sake to Pair With Singapore Cuisine. Gambate!

Chef Willin Low coined and pretty much owns the term ‘Mod Sin’ — short for Modern Singaporean cuisine. He also owns and operates restaurants in Japan (Roketto Izakaya and Roketto Nisko, both located in Hokkaido). So, if anyone knows what sakes to pair with Singapore food, it sure as hell is gonna be him.

Working with Yaegaki Sake brewery, Chef Willin played a hand in the creation of RASEN Sake, giving valuable advice on how the sake should pair with local dishes, and suggesting improvements to the sake after each tasting session.

Chef Willin RASEN Sake

RASEN is a blend of two types of sake, with a good balance of umami and a refreshing citrusy aftertaste. The blending process, patented in Japan, produces a sake that contains high levels of citric acid, resulting in a refreshing acidity that — combined with the sweetness from the koji — leads to a pleasant mouthfeel. RASEN is best enjoyed with Singapore’s complex flavours including satay, laksa and oyster omelette.

Chef Willin RASEN Sake

Fun Fact: RASEN is made with three different rice types, mainly Yamadanishiki, Kinuhikari and Akebono rice. Its ABV is 14%.

Yaegaki started out as a sake company founded in the Banshu-Hayashida area of Hyogo Prefecture in 1666. The “Yaegaki” brand, established in 1881, was founded on the brewery’s distinctive and outstanding sake-brewing methods, handed down from generation to the next through its 350-year history.

Chef Willin RASEN Sake

Lawyer-turned-chef Willin Low is one of Singapore’s most recognisable personalities. He regularly collaborates with the Singapore Tourism Board to promote Singaporean cuisine globally.

Chef Willin RASEN Sake

Currently, three sakes — including RASEN, Junmai Daiginjo MU and Junmai Daiginjo MU BLACK — are available in Singapore at Relish by Wild Rocket, The Kongsee, Good Luck Beerhouse and Thevar.

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