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Dale Degroff’s New Book Will Prep You to Be a Master Mixo in About 500 Recipes. (Decades of Experience Not Included.)

Mr Degroff is a legend many times over. So whether you’re drinking cocktails or drinking it, you best read his new book: The New Craft of the Cocktail, and not just because of the recipes.

“I wanted to write the book that I wished I had when I was a young bartender and there simply wasn’t a book like that,” the Rainbow Room  and bartending icon recently told Daily Beast. “A book with pictures of the garnishes and the techniques, some history about both the cocktails and the profession. There was so much education available on the culinary side, but little interest in educating bartenders in 1974 when I started.”

dale degroff

This new edition, updated from his 2002 book, shows that though the scene has changed, class remains permanent. He still insists on fresh ingredients, loves the classics and has disdain for mass production methods.

The updated book includes a new glossary, recipes and index, and a chapter on the new rebirth of cool cocktail culture.

Get yours now and make it a double.

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