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12 Sep 2017 By

This Wine Bar Carved Into the Mountain is Your Dream Man Cave.

Enoteca dai Tosi is a wine bar carved into a mountain in a quiet Italian town, Matera. The traditional element of local architecture called ‘Sassi’ – a small cave carved into a rock dating back to the Palaeolithic age – is being revived.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

Architects from Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu have envisioned a modern winery with a nod to history.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

The modest space of Enoteca dai Tosi features tuffo stone stairs that look like a small amphitheatre.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

Glass windows divide the storage and communal space that encourages social interactions.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

Green-colored lights reference to the original hue of Sasso’s door and wine bottles.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

A beautiful homage to the aesthetics and architectural functions of the past.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

Visitors can sample wines by the glass or by the bottle, alone or with others, discovering the three levels of the stone building from the terrace or one of the rungs running along the walls.

Enoteca dai Tosi wine bar

Experience the food and wine tour: The cellar has 250 exclusive Italian wines, and be served cicchetti, small Venetian delicacies that have been recreated according to traditional recipes from Basilicata.

See more at Enoteca dai Tosi. Read it at Trendland

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