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Ken Fulk Designed the Gorgeous Legacy Records Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in NYC.

Designed by San Francisco interior designer extraordinaire Ken Fulk, who’s known for his opulent, colorful and spare-no-expense style. The Legacy Records restaurant is part of Henry Hall, a new luxury residential building, which feels more like a haute hotel than any apartment building we’ve ever covered. 


legacy bar NYC

The name is derived from its former resident, Legacy Recording Studio, which was once the only film-scoring studio on the East Coast, where many motion picture soundtracks and Broadway scores were born.

legacy bar NYC

They’ve assembled an all-star team to handle the proceedings including Chef Ryan Hardy, Arvid Rosengren, the reigning ‘Best Sommelier in the World, and mixologist Jeff Bell from Please Don’t Tell.

legacy bar NYC

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A definite must-try if you are around the Hudson Yards!

legacy bar NYC

Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman

Legacy Records is part of the Delicious Hospitality Group, producers of the two downtown hit restaurants Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones.

Legacy Records 517 West 38th St, New York, NY 10018

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