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Bragging Rights: The Macallan’s Quest Collection is Available Only in Travel Retail, and Right Now Only Available in Singapore in January Before It’s Released to the Rest of the World.

This quartet of whiskies invites you to experience adventure and travel with The Macallan conceit – that the best cask gives you the best whiskies. Each single malt within the range is an exploration of flavour and texture, from vibrant and fresh through to rich and intense.

We tasted all four expressions, here’s what you should look out for at the airports.

macallan quest

The Macallan Quest (US$64, 750ml; US$80, 1L) pays homage to the entirety of the journey taken by The Macallan to source the best oak around the world. Made with four different casks types, this is sweet, mellow with apple and vanilla fudge notes, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. As an ‘entry level’ this might be a good journey onward to discovering the wonders of Macallan.

macallan lumina

The Macallan Lumina (US$100, 750ml) embraces the direction of the journey where old and new worlds combine to find three exact casks types. This is woody and spicy, with fudge and toffee balanced with ginger and fresh apples. As the ‘middle child’ in this lot, its subtleties might be lost on a less discerning palate.

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macallan terra

The Macallan Terra (US$165, 750ml) tells the story of discovery through a complex, yet balanced single malt, aged in exclusively selected first fill sherry-seasoned oak cask. This gives the spirit a souped-up blend of toffee, raisins and dates, and rich wood spices. If you like your with a bit of smoke and strength, this might be worth a punt.

macallan enigma

The Macallan Enigma (US$250, 750ml) is the pinnacle (and priciest) of this journey, created closest to the heart of The Macallan. Aged exclusively in European oak sherry-seasoned casks from one cooperage in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, creating a whisky that signifies the essence of The Macallan. This rich and intense single malt is the most developed of the lot, with a smooth oiliness and notes of ginger, dried fruits and peaches. Our favourite of the lot, not because of the price tag, but it seems to be the purest expression of what The Macallan does – getting maximum delivery from their much vaunted casks.

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