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History Lesson Alert! Learn About the Voyaging Wonders of Austronesia Through The Bar’s New Rum Cocktails. Also, Learn About Rum.

Rum has a storied and sweeping history and is one of the oldest spirits around. If there’s a tale about rum, you can bet that it usually involves ships, pirates and rebellion.

The 16-drink menu from Bar at 15 Stamford (housed in The Capitol Kempinski Hotel) features new progressive cocktails featuring spirits, spices and garnishes from Taiwan to Maritime Southeast Asia, coastal New Guinea and Polynesia. Each cocktail voyages through the pathways of Austronesian migration, so you get a drink and a delightful bit of trivia.

Class is in session.

Hoto Matua 1000 he Bar at 15 Stamford

Hoto Matua 1000

Start with this, the team’s most welcoming drink. It has Six Saints Grenada Rum, amaro and two types of bitters, and it’s topped with sparkling wine to add verve and vigour. All rum nights should start off like this.

kabang koman 1501- the Bar at 15 Stamford

Kabang Koman 1501

Thai rum makes a play here (Chalong Bay), while peach, oolong tea, chilli, citrus and soda water all make this a savoury and sprightly concoction. All hands on deck, I say, the ingredients work well together.

peranakan old fashioned-the Bar at 15 Stamford

Peranakan Old Fashioned

This signature twist — with Mount Gay XO Rum, gula Melaka, pandan, bitters and nutmeg — has Nonya ingredients and elements: house-made falernum enhances the complexities of pandan and gula Melaka notes, while the torched cinnamon stick brings out its aromatics.

We are now getting into the spirit forward end of the journey, perhaps some food is in order:

charred octopus-the Bar at 15 Stamford Charred Octopus ($21): Sesame Jambu Vinaigrette, Japanese Fried Shrimp.

Fun Fact: Joseph Balestier (yes, that Balestier) was the first appointed US consul to Singapore who lived on the site where The Capitol Kempinski Hotel stands today. This rum menu (not sotong) pays tribute to Balestier’s foray into rum production in Singapore in the 1830s, with each concoction representing a nugget of history.  Told you there were tales of rebellion!

el presidente - The Bar at 15 Stamford

Take me to your leader: El Presidente.

A no-fuss classic done just right, always a gratifying thing in a cocktail bar. I like.

Verdict: Well worth a visit. The bar’s old world charm work in tandem with the range of rum cocktails (or is it the other way around?). Cocktails range from $22-25++, which is reasonable for its quality and ambience. If you’re in the mood, then just sip from their expansive collection of rums, a collection that I have to admit is rather impressive.

The Bar at 15 Stamford. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel, 15 Stamford Road. For booking enquiries, contact +65 6715 6800 or email reservations.singapore@kempinski.com

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