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23 Nov 2021 By

The Vibe at New Bar Taylor Adam is, Shall We Say, Sew Inviting.

Yes, the bespoke tailor entrance is supposed to throw you off, give you pause, make you second guess your life choices. Enter, and you’ll see a small tailoring atelier, artfully accessorised. A host will ask if you’re here “for a fitting”. A nod should suffice, the mirrored doors will open, and you’ll enter a whole new space: cosy, sexy and inviting. And that wasn’t even the first thing I noticed. I realised that was music. Music. Music. We can’t say it enough, the ban was stupid, and we’re glad the dumb rule was rescinded. Music!


Okay, there are cocktails to contend with as well.

Taylor Adam over the sea

Over the Sea ©DFL

The tailoring theme aside (a collaboaration with Meiko Tailor), the cocktails here are inspired by tradesmen and craft from around the world. The menu has a varied selection of well-considered concoctions, and I could recommend the floral LSD or a simple G&T, but I went with Over the Sea. This is a light start to the evening, with a touch of Islay peat and seaweed to bring a bracing salty layer. You’ll taste the ocean, and listen closely and you’ll hear…no, not the sea. You’ll hear music in the air.

Taylor Adam New York

New York New York ©DFL

You’ll want to be a part of it, cos it’s smokin’. It’s their take on the Manhattan, with the addition of smoked cherry wood chips to add a dimension. We love it when bartenders mess with the classics, and this is a definite improvement; the smoked chips bring a frisson to proceedings as it’s smoked to BBQ perfection. In tailoring parlance, this is a fit.

By the way, we mentioned trade, and yes, the “taylor” is a deliberate misspelling. 

Taylor Adam Gospel Old Fashioned

Gospel Old Fashioned ©DFL

Our verdict: Stick with their signatures and you can’t go wrong; they’ve done the fitting to ensure their house cocktails work a treat. Having said that, we are partial to this Gospel Old Fashioned (made with Gospel Solera Rye Whisky), because my good word on this is, it’s sinfully good.

The enveloping vibe here is a winner, and the entry is easy when the place is not packed out (yeah, there’s no secret password or handshake). Settle into one of the booths or at the bar to watch the team at work — you will enjoy yourself here. It’s also right in the CBD, convenient and convival.

When your night is over. you’ll leave but not through the same atelier.  You’ll exit from a different door that’ll lead you to — not exactly the New Jersey Turnpike — the Vine Restaurant, their sister outlet. Voila, that’s your dinner or post drinks snack sorted. Until next time you show up for another fitting.

Taylor Adam. 1 Raffles Place. 8879 5854 for reservations.

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