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The Self-Styled First-of-its-Kind Cocktail Playground in Singapore Offers Four Floors of Pours — In a Rather Fun and Fetching Way.

White Shades is conceptualised by JiaWei Bai, co-founder of the renowned Stay Gold Flamingo (#32 on Asia’s 50 Best Bar 2023). The progressive cocktail playground encouraged punters to explore spirits in its myriad forms, from boozy gelatos to bespoke craft concoctions and draft cocktails and beer. Bai has cleverly curated four floors to offer a multi-sensorial experience — each floor brings its attendant ambience and flavours. 


White Shades

On the first floor, one can either start with a low ABV cocktail, gelato or boozy gelato…guess what we went for?

Dessert, the ice cream parlour on the first floor, has vibrant furniture, hanging art installations and a fun singalong playlist. The menu offers 12 types of ice creams: four tantalisingly alcoholic flavours, four classics, two sorbets and other seasonal specials.

White Shades

Bomber J is a light start to proceedings, a flavourful cocktail with a tasty, toasty marshmallow. The drink is a tribute to the bomber jackets that the staff wear.

The second level is literally called Cocktail, with a more elegant and luxurious vibe. Seating is intimate and conversation is instituted; the cushioned walls make for good acoustics, allowing R&B tunes to flow without being in your face — it sounds good.

White Shades

Savi Galloping, made with Codigo Blanco tequila, paprika, lime, fire
water and smoked chips is inspired by the Hermès scarves that decorate the space and the dust stirred by galloping horses and during the venue’s construction. This one has serious horsepower.

The bespoke ‘unRAW’ menu on the second floor has a range of adventurous cocktails and fusion dishes. Here, one gets to experience the concept as envisioned by Bai.

White Shades

Just so you know, there’s a secret bar within the Cocktail bar, a “special invite only” space for regulars and people in the know. Inside said bar, the spirits are way more premium, and it only seats 10. Good luck getting an invite. (No, we can’t show you the photo… but here’s a pretty cocktail to look at.)

White Shades

And so to the classics, and our usual Bijou has the brace and bite we’ve come to expect and love.

We’re still on the second floor, by the way, enjoying the tunes and tipples. The menu will undergo seasonal refreshes, and the food by Chef Hosni, previously from Employees Only, is a selection of bold and contemporary dishes. All I can say is…you gotta order this:

White Shades clams

Even the bread is standout. It’s clear they’ve given the cuisine a lot of thought.

The third floor is a modular event space that can fit 35 people.

The rooftop on the fourth floor is, again, simply called Rooftop. Here, you get an elevated view of the surroundings (watch the winding staircase if you’ve had. few) and draft beers and draft cocktails — all affordably priced under $20. Happy hour is 5–7 pm, where all beers and cocktails are $10.

Verdict: I’d come back for sure, if nothing else, to earn my place and invitation to the secret sanctum. 

Opening timings differ for each level:

Dessert (L1): Mon-Thurs, 12 pm to 10 pm and Fri-Sat, 12 pm to 11 pm

Cocktail (L2) + Rooftop (L4) : Mon-Sat, 5 pm to 12 am

25 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069622

Tel: +65 8575 8578

Email: tellus@whiteshades.asia

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