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Here are some whiskies you should go bid for.

Whether it’s for a gift, a wedding, an investment, or just a treat for yourself to celebrate… whatever, these are some fine whiskies to buy.


Old Rip Van Winkle 25 Year Old Bourbon

old rip van winkle 25

It’s tough enough to get your hands on Van Winkle bourbons, and the latest, and oldest release from the Pappy distillers promises to be even more exclusive. Old Rip Van Winkle 25-Year-Old Bourbon was distilled in the spring and fall of 1989 and stored on lower levels of a metal warehouse built in 1935 at the Van Winkle family distillery. In 2002 the barrels found a new home at Buffalo Trace and in 2014 the juice was dumped into stainless steel tanks to halt the aging process. And now, it’s ready for release. But only 11 barrels made the full trip, resulting in a mere 710 bottles. Each one is housed in a handmade glass decanter with bottle information, individual numbering, and a hand finished silver stopper. The special bottles reside in a handmade wooden box that comes with a bourbon certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by Julian Van Winkle himself.


The Dalmore 50 Year Old Scotch Whisky

dalmore 50

To mark Master Distiller Richard Paterson’s 50th year in the industry, The Dalmore has something very special to share with fans. The Dalmore 50 Year Old Scotch Whisky is not only incredibly old — but also benefits from a special finish in Domaine Henri Giraud Champagne casks for 50 days before bottling. All of this after its time spent in American white oak, Matusalem oloroso sherry casks, and port Colheita pipes. Additionally, French crystal house Baccarat created beautiful crystal decanters that are enhanced with a solid silver stag. Only 50 decanters will be released, each hand-filled upon order and is certain to become the crown jewel of any whisky collection.


Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbon

ofc bourbon 1980

It should be no surprise that one of the rarest bourbons ever released comes from the fine folks at Buffalo Trace. Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbon has been generously offered exclusively to non-profit organizations at no charge to help raise money for their causes. Out of the first release comes this bottle — one of only 100 — from 1980. Named after the O.F.C. Distillery christened by Colonel E.H. Taylor back in 1870, this nearly 40-year-old bourbon is not only special juice, but it also gets special packaging. The lead-free crystal bottle is a replica of an O.F.C. decanter dating back to the early 1900s and features detailed fluting engraved into the mold. Then shoulder facets are cut by glass artisans, and then the bottle is manually polished before inlaying cut copper lettering. This bottle is up for auction from Living Jazz, launched in 1984 with a mission to empower children and adults, inspire creative growth, and unite diverse communities through music.

Bid here: Biddingforgood


Teeling 33 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

teeling whiskey 33

The latest release from the Teeling Vintage Reserve Collection just happens to be one of the oldest single malts ever bottled. Teeling 33 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey was distilled in 1983 and aged in two ex-bourbon barrels. After such a long time aging, the barrels produced only 275 bottles of whiskey. Each bottle comes with a special commemorative booklet that documents the story of Teeling Whiskey and is printed and bound by one of the oldest bookbinders in Ireland.


Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990

Glenmorangie’s Bond House No 1 Vintage Collection

Created with the collector in mind, Glenmorangie’s Bond House No 1 Vintage Collection showcases the individuality of the Distillery’s most complex and elegant vintage malts. Fittingly, the series takes its name from the largest of Glenmorangie’s 19th century Bonded Warehouses. For generations, Warehouse No. 1 was home to the Distillery’s casks of maturing spirit. But in 1990, as Glenmorangie sought to meet connoisseurs’ growing desire for its finest single malt, its role was to change entirely. Bonded Warehouse No. 1 was transformed into a majestic new still house, home to Glenmorangie’s signature copper stills, renowned as the tallest in Scotland. Their stature ensures the vapours travel the long distance to the top, for a smoother, more elegant spirit. Today, Bonded Warehouse No. 1 is the heart of the Distillery’s whisky creation – revered as Glenmorangie’s Highland cathedral. (US$630)


Templeton Rye Special Reserve Whiskey

templeton rye whiskey

Introduced in 2006, the folks at Templeton Rye have something special up their sleeves to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Templeton Rye Special Reserve Whiskey is aged for 10 years — which is more than twice as long as the standard Rye you’re already familiar with. Made from 34 barrels, Special Reserve yielded exactly 6,080 bottles — each of which is hand-numbered and sold along with a commemorative box.

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