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21 Feb 2018 By

Design We Love: Juicy Branding For Hungry Beast by Savvy Studio.

By Marta Knas

Hungry Beast is a company created  from the need to create a café and a place where health meets casual.

hungry beast

Highlighting the simplicity in providing quality, healthy products, the visual identity conceived by Savvy Studio was inspired by John Baldessari’s ‘Connecting Dots’.

hungry beast

Marrying simplicity with stark colours, the branding appears fresh and allows the ingredients to stand out.

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hungry beast

“The visual applications such as the boxes and the take-away bags were kept with the name of the restaurant standing out as the main element.”

hungry beast

“Adding haphazardly throughout the various elements, from the cups, to the boxes, to the napkins and to the tote bag.”

hungry beast

“The elements add a feeling of fun and light-heartedness to the brand. It is about taking health-food not too seriously.”

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