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06 Feb 2017 By

If you only drink one cider, make it this one: Lillevik Alpine Cider, whose visual identity is simple and stunning.

Based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Lillevik Alpine is an organic apple cider brand with a beautifully modern branding.


lillevik alpine cider


Conceived by makebardo, the logo is an illustration of founder’s Norwegian holiday home. Highlighting the links between Europe and Oceania, the shield is marked with lines that reflect the connection between two continents. Minimal typography and bright color palette reconstruct family memories that inspire the brand.


There is a relevance and intention that underpins every choice. The typography, color palette, label material and print finish, all give to Lillevik Alpine Cider an impactful and appropriate visual identity.”

lillevik alpine cider

The design sensibility also comes through in the cans.

lillevik alpine cider

So why not take one home today?


Like this? These 3D-chiselled ice rocks will make you drink nonstop






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