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In Just Under a Month, Three Large Craft Beer Joints Have Opened in Singapore – All Offering Dozens of Taps and Good Food. The Most Recent is The Guild By Hong Kong’s Young Master Brewery. How Do They Plan to Win This Fight?

While Young Master beers have been in Singapore’s craft beer scene for a few months now, The Guild by the Hong Kong brewery is an ambitious restaurant and bar project that’s, well, hopping to be top dog. What’s gonna help? The fact that Young Master is the highest rated and most internationally-awarded craft brewery in Hong Kong, and that their beers arrive on our shores cold chained (in around four days) – punters are getting one of the freshest brews around.

So what’s different ’bout The Guild? I’m gonna have to go with the taps, specifically that there are 10 Young Master beers on taps here (including the 1842 Island Imperial IPA, Cha Chaan Teng Gose, Rye on Wood) . Count ’em, 10. Or don’t count ’em, drink ’em.

the guild bar craft beer

There are 19 craft beer taps in total, which will be rotated regularly.

the guild bar craft beer

There is a Guildhouse G&T on tap for $14, made with Larios Gin and J.Gasco Indian Tonic. I know it’ll save them some work when it’s busy, but maybe order a fresh G&T when you get a chance – we always prefer to watch.

Or raise your game and go for the Highball, done the right way (sometimes with rum) with a tall glass and an equally priapic piece of ice. The Ham Sup or the Los Cojones are two we recommend.

the guild bar craft beer

There is a decent list of cocktails here, signatures and off menu (the bartender manager Yadhaven Santheran has this mostly covered). One to single out is the Poppa Woody’s Negroni, where only the vermouth is messed with. The Dopo Teatro Amaro is sedated in a vat with oak spirals, and then made fresh when you order (so no, not pre-batched). It’s good in the sense that all the three main spirits are now blended, seemingly weaved into a whole so you don’t get its layered flavours. So it makes for happy drinking, it’s so smooth it would slide off Smokey Robinson’s dinner plate. You might end up drowning a few of these without noticing.

The Dirty Martini works well, and we’re definitely going back to try the Umami Gibson.

the guild bar craft beer

The menu here is inspired by local ingredients, according to Chef Vinny Lauria, who loves the idea of homemade comfort food. The Fried Oysters (above, $7 a piece) are from Pulau Ubin, and are salubrious with a briny heft. The amphibious dishes are from Jurong Frog Farm (put that in your bucket list), but most meats and poultry are from overseas.

[ More on the Food Here by Our Mates Daniel & Esther ]

Beer and Salt & Vinegar Fries The Guild

Make plans (and space) for the BBQ Sting Ray, Umamiwurst, Ham Dan Fried Chicken, Mac N’ Cheese and Salt & Vinegar Fries (above, $8). Everything is just the right side of salty and comfy.

the guild bar craft beer

During Happy Hour (literally one hour from 6-7pm), a pint is $10, and the natural wines start at $60 a bottle. The aforementioned Negroni will be $14 – enough to persuade you to stay for dinner.

The Guild, 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-01. Make reservations through their Facebook page.


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