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07 Oct 2014 By

This 2015, get ready to mark it down, pencil it in, hang out, and drink up, at least for these 11 days!

Did you know National Vodka Day just passed us by? Well we didn’t either! To make up for it, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favourite 11 National Drinking Days – spread out nicely across next year – dedicated to alcohol.


As if any of you needed a reason!

So here goes:

1.    22 Feb 2015National Margarita Day

2.    17 Mar 2015St. Patrick’s Day

3.    9 May 2015National Moscato Day

4.    25 May 2015National Wine Day

5.    13 Jun 2015National Gin Day

6.    19 Jun 2015National Martini Day

7.    27 Jul 2015National Scotch Day

8.    16 Aug 2015National Rum Day

9.    19 Sep 2015Start of Oktoberfest

10.   4 Oct 2015National Vodka Day

11.   10 Dec 2015National Lager Day



why 11? cos it’s 1 more than 10!


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