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12 Nov 2015 By

In the afternoon, no drink works better than a sangria, G&T or a spritz. Ce La Vi’s head mixo Knut Randhem has now created a refreshing aperitivo menu to help ease you into the magic hour.

Aperitivo, loosely translated as a “pre-dinner drink”, or “Italian happy hour”, is basically another reason to have a tipple, but it has to be the right spirit (and in the right spirit as well). Ce La Vi’s head mixer Knut Randhem has created an aperitivo menu that is refreshing and rewarding, giving classics like the G&T or sangria a tasty twist.

(Cocktails are all $24 each, but we’ve added notes if you ever want to make them at home).

Sangria ce la vi

SANGRIA: Fruits and berries are marinated in yuzu, cognac and umeshu before being submerged in the wine. (Try using dried apricots and mangoes for a lark).

Cynar Spritz Ce La ViCYNAR SPRITZ: Cynar is the artichoke cousin to the more famous Aperol, but it works well. 

1 part Cynar + 1 part soda + 2 parts Martini processo. Add lemon garnish and olives.

Barcelona G&T Ce La Vi BARCELONA G&T: The Spanish are the biggest consumers of gin in the world, so they know a thing or two bout it. This one in particular is created in Barca with a geranium flavour.

1 part gin + 2 parts tonic. Add grapefruit and a rosemary sprig.

Summer Cup, Americano in the SkySUMMER CUP (AMERICANO IN THE SKY): Pimm’s is a symbol of British summer, adapted here for our tropical balm.

1 part Pimms #1 + 2 parts ginger ale. Add Cucumber, lemon. strawberry and mint.

The Aperitivo cocktails are served all day and night, but go to Ce La Vi during the golden hour for the sunset.

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Like more? How about a visit to Sun Tea Atelier by our pals from Popspoken?

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