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June 4-10: Negroni Week 2018. Drink Cocktails, Help Charities. Here’s Where to Go and What to Drink.

Negronis. One whole week. Kinda self-explanatory, don’t you think? Bars are making special Negronis, and some of the proceeds will go to a charity of their choice. The more you drink, the more you are contributing to society’s well being. There are 70 bars taking part, here’s where you can get your fix.


28 Hong Kong Street

Get Jacked! is a tasty concoction with Campari, homemade jackfruit-infused dark rum and cacao nib infused with sweet vermouth, this Kingston Negroni-inspired rendition features sweet and tart tropical fruit notes with a complex depth of flavour. 

28 Hong Kong Street will be donating $1 from each cocktail sold to HealthServe, a charity that seeks to meet the needs of migrant workers in Singapore through the provision of medical care, counselling, casework, social assistance, and other support services.


Ce La Vi

CÉ LA VI_Negroni Week

The Ce La Vi Barrel Aged Negroni by Faizalio Indienur elevates the classic cocktail with a new depth of flavour by aging a concoction of Campari, gin and red vermouth in an oak barrel. The result is an intense, woody and jammy Negroni. There’s also a Frozen Negroni, both are $24++.


Ce La Vi will be donating $2 from each cocktail sold to Red Cross Society Singapore, a homegrown, humanitarian organisation dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting lives, and responding to emergencies since 1949.



Fancy - Rosella negroni

Newly opened minimalist bar Fancy joins Negroni Week for the first time with a modern twist on the classic Negroni and Americano by bartender Sin Kim Shin. Rosella combines and contrasts the fresh tanginess of grapefruit, the bright, piney aroma of rosemary and the rich bitterness of Campari for a complex yet refreshing tipple perfect for the June summer heat.


Fancy will be donating $1 from each cocktail sold to Trigger’s Toys, a charity that provides toys and therapy items to all hospitalised children in need, as a result of disaster and family trauma.

[ Read About Fancy’s Minimalist Cocktails Here ]



The brainchild of Gento Torigata, principal bartender of Gibson, the Iberico Negroni is an unconventional rendition. Torigata’s Iberico ham- infused Mezcal blends perfectly with the mellowness of Campari for a rich, savoury and bittersweet tipple perfect to start or round off any meal.


Gibson will be donating $1 per cocktail to The New Charis Mission. The organisation aims at helping the elderly, at-risk youth, and former offenders through convict rehabilitation.



Inspired by the juicy lemons from Amalfi in Italy, Marcello’s Head Bartender, Palmira Bertuca, has crafted the bespoke Limonegroni. $2 of every Negroni sold will go towards Food from the Heart, a local charity that was established to solve the issue of hunger and excessive waste in Singapore through a food distribution scheme. Menu items inspired by the traditional Negroni will be available to complement the special drink, including Homemade Campari Gelato ice cream and Campari Gelatina jelly.

[ Read Our Interview With Palmira Bertuca here ]

Extra! Four of our bars are taking the cause to new heights with a Band of Brothers for Good, a week of special guest shifts during which $5 from the sale of each guest shift cocktail (priced between $20 – 22 each) will be donated to Trybe, a voluntary welfare organisation that helps troubled youth work toward a better future.


Amrith by BarSmiths

From 6th to 9th June, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, Mona Lounge, The Wall and Amrith (above) will take turns to host shifts featuring guest bartenders from each of the other bars. Each guest shift is themed and will run from 7pm to 12am, featuring a different guest bartender for each hour. Guests are also encouraged to participate in the charity auction, which will be held on each of the four nights, where the winning bidder will take home a special bottle signed by the Band of Brothers for Good.

[ Read About Amrith’s Fascinating History and Cocktail Program Here ]


Nutmeg & Clove

Bartender Panying Lee explains her drink Dark Hound Negroni: “As the name suggests, the dark comes from the bitter elements from all things dark, such as homemade coffee bitters with a base of Wild Turkey 101, with a hint of sweet and spicy from a combination of star anise, cinnamon, and cocoa nibs; while hound is a reference to the stout, known locally as black dog.

Charity of choice: Save Our Street Dogs. “Since 2018 is the year of the dog and as I personally love dogs, I thought it’d only be fitting to donate to Save Our Street Dogs.”


Tess Bar & Kitchen

Bartender Christyne Lee’s creation is I Have a Dream, a blend of Campari, gin, homemade lychee vermouth, fee foam and edible gold pearl dust. Her harity of choice is Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund: “A good education is immensely important to me and I believe under-privileged students should be given equal opportunity, through financial support to ensure they live up to their full potential.”
campari negroni


Almost every major bar in Singapore is taking part, but we can’t list them all. Hope we’ve revved your Negroni spirit though – now go forth and donate.

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