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Is Tippling Club’s Dreams and Desires Cocktail List The Most Fun Menu Ever?

Gummy bears! Who’d have thought! Tippling Club’s new Sensorium V2 menu is ingenious, creative and utterly unique. Where the first Sensorium was about smells, and memories, and invariably about looking back, this new creation, according to head bartender Joe Schofield, “is about dreams and desires, and looking to the future.”

The project, conceived over more than six months by the bar team, Chef Ryan and their creative partners International Flavors and Fragrances Inc. (IFF), has resulted in a menu that you eat.

That’s right, eat the gummy bears as each has a unique taste to indicate the flavours of the cocktails.

tippling gummy bears

You’ll get a menu sheet, and 12 gummy bears. Line them up according to their colours. The bear’s flavours matches the descriptions – don’t eat them all at once!

tippling gummy happiness1

Say you like Happiness because you also like tequila (yes there is a correlation!). You should also find out what style of cocktail it is. You may not like fussy Tiki-style cocktails, so avoid going for Holiday. Happiness, as it turns out, is a glass of Margarita.

tippling gummy happiness1

Happiness is served with a smiley face ‘acid’ tab. Get don’t too happy yet, it’s just edible paper with citrus crystals. Now eat the gummy bear and see how it compares to its description. I love it, and the yuzu is a cool distinct touch. #happy

tippling gummy lust peach

Lust is a peach bellini with a sneaky touch of tonka beans, served with a piece of dried fruit. It’s a sexy start to the night if you like your bubblies.

tippling gummy success

Time to start dreaming about Success, don’t you think?

tippling gummy success

This is the only cocktail that’s pre-batched, which makes sense as Success is a blend of red wine (shiraz, not La Tache!), Amaro Montenegro, cognac and whisky. It’s essentially a Manhattan with a twist. A successful twist at that, this goes down a tad too quickly.

tippling gummy power

This is Power, with madras, orange, citrus and rum. Power, we’re coming back for you.

The method behind the madness. And then there’s this:

tippling gummy lipstick Beauty

Wait…is that what I think it is…no… it can’t be! Oh but yes it is: Beauty comes with a lipstick made with jasmine and dry cherry. Lick off the lipstick and drink the glass of champagne (with added liqueur as well). Beauty? Definitely eye of beholder, or imbiber.

tippling gummy Indulgence

My favourite of the lot is Indulgence, a fantastic twist on the Old Fashioned, with cacao nib, strawberry cordial and bourbon. Topped with a marshmellow covered with strawberry and chocolate. This cocktail, oddly enough, triggered some really good memories.

The Sensorium smells menu has now been adapted for some food items in the restaurant section. This new gummy bear idea is a total trip though, and has resulted in one of the cutest and most fun menus ever created.

It’s insanely photogenic, so very leftfield as well, and is a first-of-its-kind. All the 12 cocktails by Joe Schofield are new, and represents his style of adding twisted touches to celebrated classics. And that’s why Tippling Club is ranked #31 in the World’s top 50 Best Bars.

With this new gummy bear menu though, they’re gonna eat up the competition.

Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461, Tel: 6475 2217.

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