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We’ve got superb wines from four continents, plus a machine that’ll serve yours at the exact right temperature.

Wines, decanters, and a machine that serves the perfect pour – your festive buys are all sorted.


Beaulieu Vineyard

beaulieu vineyard wines

Beaulieu Vineyard has been setting the standard for rich, classic Californian wines for 100 years – using an astute blend of traditional winemaking methods and high-tech equipment. From its Rutherford locale (the widest part of Napa Valley), founder George Latour has made fruit-forward wines with classic varietal character, their winners include the flagship Georges Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (now in its 77th vintage); the barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon; and the Rarity Napa Valley, produced only in magnums cos of its rarity – and which has 99 points. Want them? Contact Treasury Wines Estate.



Penfolds wines

What don’t you know about Penfolds already? Well, there’s the new Penfolds Collection 2016 maybe – an enduring collection that is worth cellaring. The best part when you drink this? The Maison Saint-Louis collaboration, which has produced the most exquisite objet d’art service vessels. The decanter (above) is the perfect accomplice to the Grange 2012 (see vid below), the most powerful and original expression of the vineyard’s blending philosophy (the set is yours for $2000). Get it at Treasury Wines Estate.


Cloudy Bay

Cloudy Bay wine

The Sauvignon Blanc 2016 comes at a perfect time. With its vibrant citrus fruit and ripe stone-fruit flavours, it’s a perfect wine to kick off any party, and also a perfect pair with Singapore’s cuisne. It’s delicate, fruity and refined, with all the hallmarks of cloudy Bay you’ve come to love.



1 glass of wine = 1 flacon = 10cl = 1 restaurant pour. Put the flacon in the machine, the D-Vine reads the RFID chip and preps it for the right temperature and aeration. The wine starts dribbling out in under one minute. Drink.

DVine machine

The D-Vine has its appeal, but it’s dependent on you having the flacons on hand. With premium wines you don’t have to open a whole bottle, just this one glass (You’re in the mood for a Bordeaux, she prefers a Burgundy, voila!).

So if you get the machine, you’ve got to order your flacons online. It’s the Nespresso of wines (it doesn’t work with regular flacons).

D-Vine S$1,790, flacons S$9-39. Order it at www.dvine.com.sg


Sena Chilean Wine

Sena Chilean wines

This Chilean powerhouse is the dream project and fruition of two known wine names – Eduardo Chadwick and Robert Mondavi – founded on the challenge to create ultra premium Chilean wines that fulfills its full expression and character – and are now award-winners (look up “The Berlin Tasting”).

The iconic wines from Valle de Aconcagua include Sena 2013 (S$167), a fruity and intense wine that’s agile and bright with perfectly polished tannins – and 99 points. Another to watch is the 2009 ($175), with its blend of cab sauv, carmenere, petit verdot, cab franc and merlot – you get red tobacco, raspberries, cinnamon, incense and cedar. The retail range is available at La Terre. Bar prices are different.


Plum Wine Machine

plum wine machine

Plum Wine is more than a high-falutin’ wine dispenser. It’s a wine opener, chiller, preserver, and researcher. It also does Wi-Fi, but with restraint. A bunch of smart people who’ve worked at Amazon’s Lab126, Motorola, and a few cybersecurity firms designed it to do two important things: Make your wine taste better and last longer. It also lets you drink just a glass or two without ruining the rest of the bottle.

What sets the Plum apart from other wine appliances is how it preserves your wine. As soon as you uncork a bottle, oxygen begins wreaking havoc on the color, flavor, and aroma of your beloved beverage. Plum found a clever solution to this problem.

Read more at Wired

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